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“Lord, to whom shall we go?
You have the words of eternal life.”

John 6:68

The Sentence that Turned the World Upside Down a Long Time Ago and Has the Power to Turn Your Life Around Now

The One Sentence You Are Searching For
How to Quickly Discover and Grab the Greatest Hidden Treasure in Your Entire Lifetime

“How dare you!” thundered the teenage climate activist from a script. Later, when she had no script, a reporter asked what was her message to world leaders. She answered, “I think what we want to send is, the message we want to send is to say that we have had enough… and… anyone else wants to answer that question? I can’t speak on the behalf of everyone.” Well, okay, she was too young for that question, I guess.

But if you were asked, what would you say?

Let us love each other?
Well, we may want that, but how will we get more love?

Don’t worry, be happy?
This may be great for a funny song, but how will our worries go away, and how will we find the happiness we crave?

If you were asked to tell, in one sentence, your life’s motto, what would your one sentence be? Can you tell yourself what is most important, or are you spending your life chasing only secondary pleasures? Do you have a message, or would you stand scratching your head, looking for some inspiration, feeling dumb?

What about having an answer? What about having a one-sentence dynamite? What about having a powerful leading idea in conversations that gives you confidence? What about knowing what to say and why?
Luckily for you, there is an answer. In The One Sentence You Are Searching For, you will find a unique, historically proven sentence from an immensely successful person—a sentence that has the power to change your life for the better—for the much better.

You will learn:
    • The theme of the sentence: what an outstanding sentence has to tell you.
    • The building blocks of the sentence: the parts it needs to have to be complete and satisfactory.
    • What reactions it will trigger: the positive and the negative.
    • How to find the sentence: places to look at and find it.

In this short, simple, and fun book, you will go on a journey and arrive at an unexpected treasure: a one-sentence message that has shaped the lives of countless millions.

You will love this book because it will give you the key to the greatest treasure you can find in your entire lifetime.

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Lord, to whom shall we go?
You have the words of eternal life.
John 6:68
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